Competition shotgun shell holder for 4 shells.

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  • Different mounting options

This is the generation 4 shell holder. Parts and mounting patterns are compatible with generation 3. Changes compared to gen3 are following

- more clearance between top and bottom holder, more clearance for your hand
- Increased shell hold
- Smoother shell release
- Shorter shell release
- Less protruding parts, less change of any breakage
- Easier height adjustment, requiring only one hex key
- More rigid baseplate (useful if mounted without aluminium backing plate)

The king of shotgun. Innovative design to counter all the issues found in traditional competition shell holders. The MSH-KING shell holder provides very good retention, eliminating the shell movement and shell tilt. The optimal release is done upwards, towards the shotgun loading port. The release is very short and easy, and will not require you to pull your shells like a Hulk. Giving you a unbroken, tight and correctly staggered package every time. As fast as you can load your tube, your gear will no longer be the limit. You can also place the shell holders tightly close to each other, without the fear of tilting the shells with the palm your hand.

Shells are staggered and spaced with minimum distance to each other. Competitor with smaller hands will find the shell holder easier to use for load4-technique. Because of this shell layout, left hand and right hand loaders need different holder types.

Shell retention is done by magnetic force and the shape of the holder. This allows low profile belt, wide spacing between the top and base holder (the channel for your hand) and no extruding parts, like springs, that might snag you or break during a match.

The shell holder is adjustable for any shell type, up to 63mm and more. Adjustment can easily be done on the fly during your match or training day. The delivery will include the normal and reinforced top plate and some mounting hardware.

- Cartridge maximun distance to baseplate mounting face: 51mm (add belt & backing plate thickness for total distance.
- Mounts with 3pcs of M6-screws, large TEKLOK-pattern with rotation.
- Use stiff backing (plate, TEKLOK-mount or equivalent) behind the shell holder to eliminate any bending
- Maximum storage temperature +80°C


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