"The best shooting glasses what you can have" - Kim Leppänen

Kim Leppänen and Jaakko Viitala picked up 3 lenses kit for IPSC and dynamic sport shooting. This kit incl. 1pcs black frame, preselected 3 lens kit  (26ED/44ED/94HC) and box for glaseses. 94HC is optimal for low light/dark/indoor. 58ED is general good for most of outdoor shooting scenarios. 26ED is very good for shooting in sunshine. If you want some special lens or frame you can contact to us with email: kingcompetitionproducts@gmail.com

Outlaw frame and lenses are very comfortable to use long timeperiod and your vision improves. When you can see better you and also shoot much better.
x6 frame is for big head and x7 frame is for small head.
"I like that x6 is for head size 58 and above" -Kim

You can read a lot of information more from Pilla's website: http://www.pillasport.com/outlaw

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From Pilla's website:

"The Outlaw Series for Shooting Sports is offered in two different models- The Outlaw X6 and the Outlaw X7. The frame systems are identical with the only difference being the amount of wrap provided. The Outlaw X7 provides more wrap but is a smaller temple to temple size. For a guide the Outlaw X6 is for Medium to Large head size and the Outlaw X7 is a small to medium fit.

The Outlaw X Series for Shooting Sports is powered by ZEISS VIVX lenses and is certified to be a perfect optical instrument.  The front bar has been taken out of the frame so the visual site picture is unmatched.  The shooter is presented with an unobstructed view without any imperfection or visual disruption. The temple design allows for extremely quick changing of the lens technology to maximize the performance of the product in any lighting condition."