1.5" (38mm) belt attachment with high and low M6 socket

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Low profile KING belt attachment gives you two M6 sockets anywhere on your 38mm competition belt. Includes spacers, M6X10 and M6X16 screw. Much less bulk on your belt than any belt-clip mounting systems. Great for any type of mounting to your pistol belt. 

M6 sockets are steel, nominal strength of attachment to the belt is 44kg. The attachment will not interfere with your inner belt hook and loop or make your rig bulky. Tight fit to 1.5" (38mm) belt, lower leg can be cut for wider belts.

Not recommended for IPSC with shotgun shell holders. Shotgun shell holders on a pistol belt are easily adjustable over the 75mm rule. For IPSC, a shotgun belt is recommended.

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