Magnetic pistol magazine holder, 21 mm

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** NOW SUPPLIED WITH 45° angle adapter **

Pistol magazine holder for 1.5" (38mm) IPSC belts. Design is created for CZ75 magazines, but also other <21mm wide steel magazines will fit.

Innovative belt attachment, with extremely low profile (nominal strenght 44kg). The attachment will not interfere with your inner belt hook and loop or make your rig bulky.

Magazine is held by high strength magnets. Bullet tips are facing outwards, allowing the shortest total belt space requirement than any other mag pouch. This layout also makes it possible for you to grip every magazine optimally (also the ones after the first mag!), index finger touching the bullet tip. Making the reloads faster and more secure.

If assembled, the crash collar will prevent magazine loss in case of hard collision.

The mag is held strongly in the holder, but the release will be smooth when pulling upwards (radially to the magnets).

Will be shipped with 45° angle adapter. This will give you the most natural angle for the loading hand. You can remove the angle adapter for a 0° angle belt setup (bullet tips perpendicular / outward).

- M6 center screw
- High and low attachment points
- 45° and 0° angles 
- 2.5mm and 5mm rotation lock spacers included
- Crash collar included
- Magnets total strenght 22kg
- 360° rotation
- tough, narrow and low profile

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