MSHG6-KING-ASSM20-RH (for right hand loading)

MSHG6-KING-ASSM20-RH (for right hand loading)

  • MSHG6-KING-ASSM20-RH (for right hand loading)
  • MSHG6-KING-ASSM20-LH (for left hand loading)
  • Staggered shells (for right hand loading)
  • Spring tension and travel adjustment
  • MSHG6-KING-ASSM20 for 20 shells
  • Hook&loop tape applied (included)
  • Hook&loop strip attached (included)
  • Bolt mounting directly to the skeleton links
  • MSHG6-KING-ASSM20 for 20 shells

MSHG6-KING-ASSM20 for 20 shells

Price 270,00 €

High performance competition shotgun shell holder for 20 shells.

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In stock

In stock

The King Competition MSH generation 6  is a high performance modular shotgun shell holder system, designed and manufactured by World Champions. 

All of our accumulated knowledge in top level shooting and engineering has been poured now in to the 6th generation of our design. All important features are upgraded. The shell retention is again improved, but release is still as smooth. The durability and the strength of the skeleton construction and parts will now handle so much more due to long lasting investment in much stronger materials and improved production processes. The shell adjustment range is longer. New guide system will make the shell package more uniform and less sensitive to imperfect shell dimensions. Generation 6 also utilizes the new adapter system, that connects directly to the skeleton, having very rigid and 360° rotation attachment to TEK-LOK or ELS systems. Weight is reduced from previous generation.

Shells are staggered for right- or left-handed grip and are spaced with minimum distance to each other. Required belt space is also minimized. Positioning of the shells is absolute uniform through the rig and allows for consistent use of all modern shotgun loading techniques and for example mixing load-2 and load-4.

Shells are held tightly within the geometry of the holder. The short release is done by detaching the upper shells from high strength magnets. This releases the shells from the holder completely, allowing a very effortless and fast reloading. When not reloading, the system will keep the shells securely in place during running and jumping.

Each unit in the rig is independently self-leveling and allows the user to switch between all typical 12/70 cartridges. If needed, the spring tension and travel is easily adjusted by rotating the main bolt. But the standard setting will allow the user to switch between all normal competition cartridge types without touching any adjustment.

The skeleton construction makes the system very rigid and allows mounting directly to the several skeleton links with a large steel M6-thread. The rig can be mounted with bolts, hook&loop or with a adapter. All mounting hardware is supplied with the rig (adapter not included in sizes ASSM20 and bigger).

The skeleton construction and backing plate is curved on a angled axis. This allows for the larger assemblies to curve around the users waist and carried in a angle for optimal reloading with a competition shotgun belt, without the last shells exceeding the IPSC 75mm rule. Please note that using adapter for pistol belt mounting on ELS or TEKLOK system can exceed the 75mm rule and is not recommended for IPSC use.

Technical specifications:

- Cartridge maximum distance to backing plate mounting face: 57mm (add belt thickness for total distance to body)

- Useful total shell height adjustment range 33mm, useful self-adjustment range ( tensioned spring travel) 13mm

- Weight ASSM4 (135g), ASSM8 (260g), ASSM12 (390g), ASSM20 (670g), ASSM28 (940g), ASSM32 (1170g)

- Mounts with included hook and loop, M6-screws or adapter (adapter not included in assemblies size 20, 28 or 32)

- ELS fork or TEK-LOK belt clip is not included

- Maximum storage temperature +80°C

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