King Shotgun Compensator

King Shotgun Compensator

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Product description

King Shotgun Compensator is the ultimate shotgun partner when you want to shoot a shotgun as flat and easy as possible. We put together all the information about shotgun recoil management that we had and the result is the best working shotgun comp on the market. This reduce about 29% muzzle rise and 38% recoil to back. We did this project with top Finnish shooters Jani Lehtonen ja Kim Leppänen. This is the must have item specially for IPSC modified division or when you just want to make shotgun shooting more easy. Compensator gets attached to the external choke so this will not harm your barrel and you don’t need to make any modifications to your shotgun.

Product details

Compensator is designed to go over the barrel and pass by the sides of the rib. Therefore maximum allowable barrel diameter is ø 23mm and maximum rib width is 10mm.

Choke outer diameter has to be between ø 21.6mm - 22.0mm. This is specially designed work with Benelli original external chokes.

Optimal choke extension after the barrel is 23mm. Longer ones can be used but the choke will be placed further away from the barrel. We don’t suggest using shorter chokes that extend less than 15mm.

If you have smaller diameter chokes you might have to use some shim between barrel and choke. Shim can be for example aluminum tape. We take no responsibility for this kind of setup.

We suggest using a small torque wrench while installing a compensator (6Nm torque is optimal). You need a 4mm hexagon head tool for attaching the compensator to the shotgun (tools not included). Do not over tighten the compensator! Optimal torque is about 6Nm. You need to take off the compensator every time when you change the choke so it is critical to learn to use ideal torque so the compensator won't be damaged. If too loose torque and comp will fly with pellets, usually this does not break the compensator but you need to find it on the ground (yes we have even tested that also, so you don’t have to do that).

Compensator extends the barrel 104mm.

Compensator weight is 165g.

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